Earn from home!

There are many ways someone can earn money without leaving the home. Just look at these:

1) Mystery shopper
This is where you can test products and services, while getting paid for it! You sign up to a FREE company (if they charge, it's a scam), and choose what assignment to take, how much you get paid will vary depending on the company and the assignment. You won't make a fortune, but it's a way to earn that fits around your everyday life.


2) Buy and Sell
Simple, you buy things cheap, and sell them, not so cheap. You can make a fairly good amount, and again it's in your own time. But you do need a good eye for a bargin, and make sure people will buy what you have to offer, or you will make a loss. Be careful, this one can be a gamble.


3) Ready, set, WRITE
Make your own blog, own you own website, and start earning money. You don't have to be a computer expert to do this. If you are interested in something, and want to share it, then why not earn as you do? This can be done by letting adverts appear on your site. Whenever someone clicks on it, you start to earn. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it's a bit harder then it sounds, firstly you need to get people to your site, and then enough of them need to click on enough adverts for you to start getting paid. Highly unreliable, a long time to see results, but some people can make good money from it, and it's fun to do.

4) Surveys!
I can't even count how many companies pay for people to take their surveys. They need information about what people need, you need money, it's win win! What you get will vary, I've done some that go from 1.00 to 5.00 each, so you can end up making quite a bit.


5) Playing Games?
That's right! Earn real in the virtual world. Of course there are the gambling sites, but for those who don't like those, there a team games and Multi player competitions that have large cash prizes for the winner. It's not for everyone, but if you're good at games, give it a go!